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Ransome Stump Splitter/Shear

Ransome mechanical wood splitter working on a ZX350

The Ransome Mechanical Stump Harvester tears through large stumps and logs. Built in the US, built to last. You will save tons of time and money by harvesting, processing / downsizing stumps and logs making much fewer trips to haul this debris away. The RSH6090 will pull stumps out of the ground and go right through the product in one cycle. Once the stumps are split, use the Ransome Stump Harvester to load into tub grinder or container. With this tool, you will not need to have a larger tub grinder. The use of the RSH6090 saves you money.

The Ransome Mechanical Stump Harvester is custom built to fit most 18-45 ton excavators for direct pin or with a quick coupler. Use with a coupler will reduce the splitting force and creates a lot of wear and tear on the coupler so not recommended.

Currently we offer two models:

   RSH4060 - 18-27 ton carrier weight - $15,900 plus freight
   RSH6090 - 27-40 ton carrier weight - $18,900 plus freight

The compatibility and availability depends on the make and model of the excavator. The typical lead time is up to 2-4 weeks from time of order.

Payment is due for pickup or shipping to customer.

LTL shipping for non-local customers is available.

Please contact Eric Ransome @ 888-280-1710 with any product questions and for a freight quote.

Product video available on YouTube channel, Black Splitter USA
Black Splitter
Ransome Stump Splitter         Ransome Stump Splitter
Ransome Stump Splitter         Ransome Stump Splitter

Ransome Stump Splitter
Ransome Stump Splitter

Specifications   -   2012 Pricing
Model Excavator Class Approximate Weight Maximum Opening Price
RSS-30/40 30-40,000 lb 1,850 lbs 31" $ 14,900
RSS-40/60 40-60,000 lb 2,930 lbs 46" $ 16,900
RSS-60/90 60-90,000 lb 4,950 lbs 52" $ 22,900

Quick Coupler Options:
· Quick Coupler compatible stump splitters are available for an additional $1,500.
· Quick Coupler specifications must be verified at the time of the order to ensure proper functionality.

· Pull hook design front and rear to rip stumps out of the ground or roll them over for a better cutting angle.
· 2" thick high tensile steel blade with flow thru cutting blade stops.
· 2" reinforced gusset on the blade.
· Blade cuts both horizontal and vertical.

· Lower costs due to interchangeability from one machine to another in your fleet by purchasing extra pin and bushing kits to match the different machine specifications.
· When you sell or trade your machine, you keep your RSS attachment for your next project.
Ransome Stump Splitter
Stump Splitter 60-90 Model
Ransome Stump Splitter         Ransome Stump Splitter
Ransome Stump Splitter

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