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Ransome Equipment Attachment Locator System helps our customers and dealer friends source their attachment needs; specializing in Shears, Grapples, Universal Processors and similar attachments.

Ransome has located the largest selection of these types of tools located throughout the country. If you would like to list your used attachments or need a good source for Shears, Pulverizers or Processors, give us a call.

All items listed are actual units; however, most of them are not owned by Ransome. Please note that the listing number is the date the item was entered on the website. The older the date, the less likely the item will be available. Some of the newer listings may have been sold or could be out on rental. Please call us to check availability.

Prior to purchasing a shear, make sure you obtain a current set of photos due to possible error and mismatches of pictures or additional usage for listed shears, since the photos were originally submitted to the website.
12222017   YSR 330   very good condition - P.O.R.
01232017   Shear  - P.O.R.

06062016   CAT S250  scrap and demolition mobile shear with 180 degree rotation, other models available for various CAT machines - P.O.R.
         click here for CAT Shear Specifications page
05192016   NPK M38  excavator weight 33 - 55 US tons, weight 9,370 lb, maximum jaw opening 30.2 in, new center pin and bushings, 80% blade life remaining - P.O.R.

04052016   Vibra Ram AS4000D  1995 year shear - P.O.R.
03082016   Allied Gator 2038  – 27,000 lb shear, unused unit, 44 jaw opening - P.O.R.
03062016   CAT S320B  2013 year scrap and demo shear, new, unused, throat force 3706.0 kN, apex force 1583.0 kN, tip force 892.0 kN - P.O.R.

01312016   NPK K314 Shear  full rotation, in good condition - P.O.R.
07282015   CAT S385C Shear  is completely rebuilt and is a very low hour unit in like new condition, available bracket fits a 345 - 349 CAT excavator - P.O.R.

07142015   Shear  90 MM pins, measures just under 16” between ears, was mounted to LinkBelt 330 - P.O.R.
04222015   LaBounty Shear  unit in excellent condition, cylinder has been resealed, rotator serviced and sealed, new pivot, new blades and hard faced - P.O.R.

04222015   SH410R Shear  scrap metal shear, weighs 10.3k lb, machine weight 39-50 - P.O.R.
04222015   Vibra-Ram XS7000  scrap shear, 2nd member mounted, 360 degree rotation, comes with bracket, hoses and couplers - P.O.R.
09252017   CAT S225  - P.O.R.

10162017   LaBounty BLS40  - P.O.R.
08162017   LaBounty BLS40  rebuilt shear - P.O.R.
08222016   LaBounty BLS40  shear designed for cutting light to medium sized material such as structural steel, pipe, rebar, tires and concrete; shears pin on in place of an excavator bucket, eliminating the need for additional hydraulics, 18 in. jaw opening, 18 in. jaw depth - P.O.R.


12082017   LaBounty BLS80  used mechanical steel shear to fit CAT 330BL/CL, Komatsu PC300/350/390, Kobelco SK300/330/350 and Volvo EC240/250 - P.O.R.
11162017   LaBounty BLS80  - P.O.R.
04132016   LaBounty BLS80  on a Hitachi EX270, designed for a 30-45 ton machine, unit bought new in 2002, currently in good condition - P.O.R.

06072015   LaBounty BLS80  main pivot and bearings have been replaced - P.O.R.
01142015   LaBounty MSD 30R  - P.O.R.
03082016   LaBounty MSD 40  non rotating shear, fits PC300, PC400, HT, JD 400, 450 - P.O.R.
03032016   LaBounty MSD 70R  Series III, reconditioned unit - P.O.R.


02092016   LaBounty MSD 100  - P.O.R.

01142015   LaBounty MSD 100  - P.O.R.

04052016   LaBounty MSD 100R  second member bracket on the shear, has new rotator motor and sealed - P.O.R.
12082017   LaBounty MSD 200R  reconditioned unit, set up with new bearings to fit PC800 - P.O.R.
05242016   LaBounty MSD 220  1989 year unit, set up as 2nd member for a Komatsu PC400LC-3 - P.O.R.
01182015   LaBounty MSD220R  reconditioned unit, set up to fit PC400 - P.O.R.

11222017   LaBounty MSD 800R  for high reach, Note: 800 shear is used for scrap processing applications as well as for interior demolition - P.O.R.
11162017   LaBounty MSD 1000R  lugged for PC300 - P.O.R.
10162017   LaBounty MSD 1000R  - P.O.R.
04052016   LaBounty MSD 1000R  2 year old unit, 20 hours use - P.O.R.


10182017   LaBounty MSD 1500R  set up 3rd member - P.O.R.
04182016   LaBounty MSD 1500R  - P.O.R.

06062015   LaBounty MSD 1500R  year 2008 unit - P.O.R.


01262015   LaBounty MSD 1500R  year 2008 unit, low hours, 2 available - P.O.R.



07132015   LaBounty MSD 2000  2012 year shear, lugged for a Komatsu PC200, unit is in great shape - P.O.R.
09262016   LaBounty MSD 2000R  for CAT 320 - P.O.R.
08312016   LaBounty MSD 2000R  could be set up for a CAT 322 - P.O.R.
01282015   LaBounty MSD 2000R  very good condition, 2007 low hour unit a backup shear on a large demo project most of its life, shear has dual mount lugging for 2nd member (for 55/65K excavators) and 3rd member (for 100K excavators) - P.O.R.
05242016   LaBounty MSD 2500  2008 year unit, set up as a 2nd member for a Kobelco SK350LC, reconditioned, very good shape - P.O.R.
05242016   LaBounty MSD 2500R  2006 year unit, with rotation, set up as a 2nd member for a Kobelco SK350LC, good condition - P.O.R.
05252016   LaBounty MSD 2500R  - P.O.R.
04182016   LaBounty MSD 2500R  new unit - P.O.R.
04182016   LaBounty MSD 2500R  20 hours use - P.O.R.

11142017   LaBounty MSD 3000  straight shear for 70,000 lb excavator as 2nd member or 144,000 lb excavator as 3rd member, jaw opening 35" and jaw depth 38" and 9 ft 10" reach as 2nd member, weighs 13,500 lbs - P.O.R.

07262017   LaBounty MSD 3000  will set up PC300 hard face, blade flip and shim, paint and decal - P.O.R.
02172016   LaBounty MSD 3000  will have new blades and cylinder tested, nice unit - P.O.R.

10162017   LaBounty MSD 3000R  reconditioned shear - P.O.R.
09282017   LaBounty MSD 3000R  good working shear, will include new blade kit - P.O.R.
02012017   LaBounty MSD 3000R  - P.O.R.

07252016   LaBounty MSD 3000R  low hours - P.O.R.


07252016   LaBounty MSD 3000R  low hours - P.O.R.

09262016   LaBounty MSD 4000R  - P.O.R.

05252016   LaBounty MSD 4500  totaly rebuilt unit which will be repainted and full decals - P.O.R.

03012017   LaBounty MSD 4500R  new piston and seals in cylinder - P.O.R.

09212016   LaBounty MSD 4500R  set for Liebherr 984 - P.O.R.

03292015   LaBounty MSD 4500R  nice unit, set up for a PC600, less than 500 hours - P.O.R.
12042016   LaBounty MSD 7500R  this is a 2nd member mount unit, demo unit - P.O.R.
03132017   Genesis LXP300  with 2 jaw sets - shear jaw and pulverizer jaw - P.O.R.

06302015   Genesis GVP-007  Versa Pro - P.O.R.
07262017   Genesis 500  - P.O.R.

07262017   Genesis GXP500  set up for Kobelco SK250 2nd member - P.O.R.

01182017   Genesis GXP500  2nd member Kobelco SK250, very good condition - P.O.R.
07302015   Genesis GXP500  2 units available, one requires work - P.O.R.


07282017   Genesis GDP 650  DemoPro set up to fit CAT 320 second member - P.O.R.
07262017   Genesis GDP 650  2000 year unit, weight 7600 lbs - P.O.R.
10162017   Genesis GXP 660R  reconditioned shear - P.O.R.
09262016   Genesis 700  - P.O.R.

01182017   Genesis 990  2nd member Komatsu PC400/450/490, excellent condition, working on jobsite - P.O.R.
07132015   Genesis 990R  2010 year unit, very low hours   Note: picture of Kobelco 480 excavator that operated the shear - P.O.R.
01302017   Genesis GXP990R  MAXX, used unit, fits to Komatsu, LinkBelt, Volvo - P.O.R.
01302017   Genesis GXP990R  rebuilt unit, fits to Volvo - P.O.R.
01302017   Genesis GXP990R  2012 year unit - P.O.R.


07092015   Genesis 1400R   with newer style GXP upper, resealed the cylinder - P.O.R.

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